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Empowering a sustainable future

At Navico Group, we're committed to protecting the natural environment in which we work and play. Around the world, our people are acting to use natural resources responsibly, reduce our carbon footprint and innovate for a sustainable future.

Dear Friends of Navico Group,


Our oceans, waterways, and nature are under threat, with scientific indicators such as ocean warming, acidity, pollution, and species decline all on the rise. There is a narrow window of opportunity to turn things around, and we all need to do our part.


At Navico Group, we seek to drive change wherever possible, through our daily decisions and processes, and we know that our success depends on collaboration - both internally and beyond. So we thank you for your interest and support as we continue our journey of integrating sustainability into everything we do.


There are four areas of action that form the foundation of our sustainability strategy: Energy transition, product impact, conservation, and community. We are addressing these areas throughout our business in different ways. Navico Group has more than 20 sustainability champions spread throughout our global team, with representatives from each department, region, and brand. Our company-wide Sustainability Roadmap keeps us on track, with more than 50 projects this year alone, all of which relate to our four key areas of action.


As part of Brunswick, we have a set of corporate policies that ensure we are meeting global sustainability requirements, and we are responsible for measuring and reporting ESG data that is included in the annual Brunswick Sustainability Report.


This website offers stories of how we are implementing sustainability. We highlight a few numbers, but the complete set of numerical goals and targets are integrated into Brunswick's sustainability report. 


We are on a journey, and we welcome ideas, input, and feedback – contact us at [email protected].



Here’s to a successful and sustainable future!


The Navico Group Sustainability Team

Key focus areas

We have four key areas that form the foundation of our sustainability strategy. Click below to learn how we are working on these areas.

Energy Transition

Electrification and our operations

Product Impact

Materials and circular economy


Enabling conservation efforts


Engagement and volunteering

Energy Transition

Electrification and our operations

Navico Group is working to reduce the carbon footprint in our own operations, and to support customers who are driving the transition to renewable energy. We have a goal of 30% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by year-end 2025 (2022 baseline, Brunswick wide).

Electrification and our operations


Our goal is to reduce the carbon emissions of our global operations by 30% in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by year-end 2025 (2022 baseline, Brunswick wide) and transition to renewable power where possible.


We are implementing a number of projects around the world: Installing solar panels at 3 of our facilities, conducting energy efficiency projects, and improving lighting and HVAC systems.


In addition, we aim to be the partner of choice to support boat builders and customers looking to support electric and alternative propulsion, and generally reduce their energy consumption. 

Product Impact

Materials and circular economy

Navico Group is actively working to make the design, manufacture, supply chain, use and end-of-life more sustainable across our entire product range. For example, Simrad S3100 is made with 50% recycled plastic, which is an industry first! We are also committed to engage 100% of our suppliers in our sustainable procurement program by 2025.

Sustainable materials and circular economy


With more than 20 brands, we have a varied product portfolio that includes radar, sonar, chartplotters, pumps, and more.


Product sustainability is a journey, and we are focusing on decreasing the environmental footprint of our products in the following ways:

  • Rolling out design for sustainability principles and life cycle assessments across all product families.
  • Increasing % of product range made with recycled and recyclable materials, specifically plastic, metals and paper; and advancing towards our goal of 100% sustainable packaging across all Navico Group products by 2030.
  • Management of end of life of our products, in line with regulation.


In addition, our sustainable procurement program follows a systematic risk management approach using the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) tools and programs which are aligned with best practices and leading international standards such as the International Labor Standards, the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Enabling conservation efforts

Conservation is the act of protecting Earth’s natural resources for current and future generations. Through our products and partnerships, we are looking to support more and more projects focused on habitat protection and safeguarding our ecosystems. Our aim is to support at least 10,000 square miles of land or waterway conservation efforts by 2030.

Enabling Conservation Efforts


We regularly partner with and support conservation-minded organizations to drive impact-oriented projects, through sponsorships and donations of equipment. Examples of organizations that we’ve supported in the past include: Conservation International, Plastic Odyssey, 11th Hour Racing Team, Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, and Wine to Water.


In addition, BioBase, is a cloud-mapping platform by C-MAP that processes sonar files from Lowrance and Simrad sonar devices and creates habitat maps, is used by hundreds of aquatic researchers across the globe for environmental monitoring and conservation. In 2022, Federal, State, and Local governments used BioBase to map 665 waterbodies and over 356,966 cumulative acres in 32 US states and 13 Countries.


Find out more about BioBase.


Engagement and volunteering

Employees around the world volunteer in their local communities, and Navico Group encourages and supports this effort. 2,140 volunteering hours were logged by Navico Group staff in 2022. In September 2023 we will celebrate our first Navico Group Sustainability Week with local clean up activities around the world.

Community engagement and volunteering


All Navico Group staff are encouraged to volunteer to support environmental and/or social initiatives in their local communities. All employees, including salaried, salaried non-exempt and hourly employees are offered the equivalent of one day off with pay per calendar year for volunteering purposes. This time can be used to support a charity, environmental or social cause of their choice.


We track our volunteering hours globally and our goal for 2023 is to reach at least 2,000 hours of volunteering throughout the company.


Volunteering activities have included clean-up activities in local beaches and parks, item donations for vulnerable families and support to homeless shelters, among others.

Sustainability Organizations

Participating in the global sustainability movement is important to Navico Group. Our parent company Brunswick, is a participant of the UN Global Compact and we are members of these global organizations, all of whom provide guidance and tools to support our sustainability journey:

BSR member

Responsible Business Alliance supporter member

Policies and Reporting

Good governance and solid policies underpin our approach to sustainability.

As part of Brunswick Corporation, we provide sustainability metrics that are included in the Brunswick sustainability report.

Contact Us

We are on a journey, and we welcome ideas, input, and feedback. Or if you want to know more or work with us on a sustainability project please get in touch.

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