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Blue Sea Systems®

a navico group brand

Blue Sea Systems is committed to improving the safety, simplicity and reliability of boating and on-road vehicles through its collection of 1,000+ electrical products.

Blue Sea Systems

Innovative Electrical Systems

Blue Sea Systems has consistently delivered powerful products for marine, RV and specialty vehicle industries, engineered to withstand the harshest outdoor environment and built to last for years to come. From power management and digital control and monitoring systems to integrated networked devices, Blue Sea Systems has built a reputation for electrical support and reliability that’s central to the safe operation of any boat or vehicle.


Battery Management, Circuit Protection, BusBars & Insulators, Power Distribution Panels, Custom Electrical Panels, Monitoring, Switching, Power Conversion

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navico Group solutions

Navico Group is your single-source for innovative products and solutions that power adventures on the water and the road.

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innovation on the water

Navico Group is your single source for innovative products and solutions that power adventures on the water and the road.

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Digital control, monitoring and power systems designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability on the road.

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Industrial SOLUTIONS

power you depend on

From golf carts to life-saving emergency vehicles we build effective and dependable energy sources that are there when you need them most.